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26 March 2020 @ 01:45 am
Introductory Post

40 things to know about me…

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03 March 2012 @ 06:14 pm
hello everyone!!!

its been a while ne? if its not for you, it is for me! i have not been in the net for almost a month, and it hurts like hell! hahahaha..but whatever it is...i'm going to tell some news today.

i've made up my mind for quite some time alread, and i hope what i'm going to say might not hurt anyone out there. i've decided to finally be out (for better or worse, i'm not quite sure yet!) of LJ by the end of this year (or maybe not, cause i always change my mind!). with conditions of that...i'm going to finish all my ongoing/hiatus fics in my collection.

and about my fics....

- about thief & detective, i was thinking of ending it on chapter 10 + an epilogue. but after rethinking, i think yoosu relationship have not been fully develop yet to give the impact of...you know, broken-heartd you-know-who. so....maybe it would like 13-ish plus and epilogue, im still not sure. but its a happy news, isnt it? ohohoh..i just uploaded a new chapter...check it out k? here - http://night-ecstasy.livejournal.com/13154.html#cutid1

- hmm...i wrote one new chaptered fics, cause i'm totally influenced by all the vampires hype all around us...and guess what? its not a Yunjae! nor a Yoosu. and for this fic, i'm going to finish it first, send it to my darling betas, and only post it after that? ok or not? spoiler? na-ah, not going to give out any spoilers?

-other fics that you may or may not remember.....i'll try to finish it as soon as i can, okay?
05 February 2012 @ 10:41 pm

i know this is sudden, but i just need to let this out...really! i was browsing through for some for some pins, and there's this salesboy who actually recommending me some of the newest one..i ignore it at first, because when i'm choosing things to buy, i hate it when people put mme under their watch all the time. it's kinda bothersome, don't you think? (i'm not the only one thinking about this, right?)

okay, back to the boy again...

so when i was paying, then i saw the clear view of his face...GOD! WHY SO SWEET?! was all that i could think of. he's tall and all, but what attracts me most is that he has such gorgeous smile...(it's my achilles' heel, kinda like that. oh, you got the meaning!). and i think he's trying to be friendly, asking me some question, about whether i came here to study or to work (and this is such a surprising question for me, since it meant he actually knew i did not come from somewhere nearby).

the problem is that, although i came from borneo, my late father was from Peninsular...so my face is more towards my father (which means, i do not have my mother's fair skin and complexion...gosh! now you know my secret!).so its kinda shocking to me when he asked that.

so i told him i came from sarawak..and he actually got the city right...i bet most Malaysian know right? the point is...he talked to me first. and he gave me the receipt, so i left the counter.

and then comes my sister (did i tell you i came here with my oldest sis and my mom?) to pay, and he looked at the both of us and asked, who's the older one? and my mom, being on her jokester mode, asked him back; on his opinion. and he guessed right!-thank GOD! (because i'm practically 2inch shorter than my sis, and i have these big glasses, making me looked so much like a nerd...and i'm younger too!)

and so we left the store (with a big heart and smile on my face) and as we go, i told my sister, he have these attributes that i like. tall (well, not to tall), a little bit dark (i like joongie's complexion, i do...but i just couldn't help it) and blessed with a sweet smile. and looking so much like a good boy, with a soft voice...and the list goes on and on..

but i'm too scared to asked for his phone number....T^T

[omg this is soooounedited and written in a total of 5minutes!, but whatever![
23 January 2012 @ 02:28 pm
I've been trying to get in touch with this post entry but i'm guessing that it wouldn't cooperate with me, until now. But never mind, my point is that I have an announcement to make.


Well, that might not be a big news, but still...it's kinda like my dream job! Teaching kids English..something like that. Because I've always love English...but I know I'm not good enough with it, but I still try anyway. And I got it! And I'm going to start on February. Gonna have my probation time for 3 mnths first, before I become a permanent member in the office.

Basically, I'll learn how to entertain kids (yeah kids). I don't know whether I'm good with kids or not, but my boss says that its not the main matter, just my passion to engage with kids is fine. And I think it is too..

Ok well, back to my fics...I'm not so sure I have readers still out there. Might be, or might not be...since I guess not much people are fond of commenting. I know, I get that. I used to be like that, but not anymore. When you're a reader, you don't know. But when you're a writer...you will.

Forget about that....I'm going to tell you some of the progress of my fics. Some are...well, progressing, yet some are left forgotten. I have 12 ongoing fics so far.

# You Belong With Me - I posted this a while ago in this LJ acc, but I deleted it all. And I haven't reposted it yet in the comm's and not finished yet. And don't even know how t continue it anymore. When I have my ideas planning for this one, I'd definitely write it back.

# Thief & Detective - I'm sure some knows about this...partly because it's been posted. And it's quite different from my other normal fics. I have finishd the ending...but not the story before it. You know, like chapter 10 is done, but not chapter 9. And I haven't get back to it. Not yet. But will be!

# General Jung Secret Admirer - kinda the sequel of 'The Princess and The Soldier' (Yoosu), but this is Yunjae version. Haven't finished yet..but I'm nearing the ending. So, it won't be that long, I think.

# Part of Your World - another Yunjae, but its an angst. Something about a boy wanting to be an idol, and an evil CEo wanting to take advantage. Go figure!

# First Love - Het fic, but its a Yoosu basically. No malexmale pairing in here. And i just dull. Nothing to anticipate. Also nearing the ending.

# V - this is the tentative title, subject to change. the most fast paced written fic I've ever done before. My very first 2U, and a MinSu, so I'm a little bit excited about this. A supernatural fic, about a V and a 'something'. I think this will finish not later than this July. Maybe.

# others are still just halfway done..and not much of an attraction. So.....will keep ou posted somehow. Till then, bye2!

p/s I promised that i'd post a pic of my graduation (if i was able to graduate last year, which I did!) But i'm not so sure....so what do you think?
04 January 2012 @ 08:17 pm
i'm just going to rant myself about this...about my bad side.

i read all the contents in my inbox on LJ just now, and maybe i've forgotten that they are some kinds f-list that had genuinely wished me a happy birthday back in May. And i'm quite sure myself, i have not been replying them for their nice gestures. and i kinda realized, it's not a very good attitude.

fine! there might be 2 possible reasons i could think of. maybe because at that time, there's still no internet connection in my household. and we only got it quite recently, like 3-4 months ago...which actually wasn't a time of me already having in the house (since i just graduated).

but i believed, it was because of another reason. i'm just an insensitive jerk; that basically sums it all. even if i have and internet connection back then, i'd probably wouldnt be replying any. celebrating birthday has not been something that was very much attention in our family. my family is a big on, consist of 7 siblings, me being the middle one. my father was a quiet man, strict yet still had the soft spot. earlier on my childhood, i always wished him happy birthday (because his was 2 days earlier than me, and i'm a daddy's girl) and he would respond to it. his words everytime would, "do you want to talk to your mom instead?". and maybe because it was something that i grew up accustomed to...i've become like m father.

i dont know what made me rant about this today..maybe because i've been feeling a lot of regret these days...thinking of 'what if' in my head. but, i should be saying my sorry than not saying anything at all...

so..i'm sorry~
04 January 2012 @ 07:47 pm
i have t go with the first number that comes in my mind...103? or is it 126?
Don’t cheat. Do you know how many countries there are in the world?
30 December 2011 @ 01:44 pm
i think it's been a while since i've greeted anyone in here...probably because i linger around my communit fics more than here...so, how's everyone? i'm just the same-old me, i think. not much changes since before...

well, basically, i'm just going to inform some things regarding my fics in me and blueplue_hotaru's comm, night_ecstasy :

# i'm currently struggling to finish writing 'thief & detective'. i already posted up to chapter 8, and still have two more chapter to go, plus an epilogue. truthfully, i'm only down to 2 chapter only...since i already completed chapter 10. but m chapter 9 is still empty! and for the epilogue...i'm still considering some things^^ but i can assure you, i'll be finishing it as soon as possible.

# i'm not going to post 'your highness' in the moment...simply because it took so long for me to upload. and i dont have as much time as i have...mainly because of the connection. but it will be up, later. dont worry!

# new fics! still writing..but i still need more time to finish! no more detail....just wait, okay?

# and oh, i'll probably be making the pdf version! probably! i can't promise anthing so far...so, lets just wait and see~
22 December 2011 @ 08:13 pm
finally!! i have been trying for the past hours to get into hold of the LJ post. and finally, the time has come for me to made my return memorable in every way. there are happenings in few weeks before.

first! the broadband was lost for a week. which means, there is no internet connection within the house. and i couldn't even reach out to the other world.and somehow, it comes as it gone when i felt like im the busiest in the week.

second! im doing private tutor with some secondary school on weekdays. morning and evening. and that definitely make me as thirsty as hell. and yes, it was damn hard. seriously, i love teaching students. but! i have my limits too.

third! if somehow i can post after this, i will update thief and detective and other fics that was already done and completed. and ill try my best to complete my other fics before i even start on a new one.

fourth! oh, there's a very wonderful news i'd like to share with everyone. i lose my weight...like 3kg, upon tutoring for these few weeks. i dont know about other people, but for me, losing few kilos definitely a big success. my target weight is coming nearer and nearer. wish me a good luck!

thats all, i think i talk too much, didn't i?
30 November 2011 @ 12:12 pm
so basically, this week didn't start up nicely. our house were practically being broken in (with my mom's handbag containing lots of cash, credit cards, her ID and just basically anything worthy was the only thing being taken into custody). she estimated around RM2000 ringgit were in that bag (if the currency exchange i'm using in the net was right, it would be around 628USD, enough to actually buy one laptop in Malaysia).

what actually worries me is that, the fact we were leaving alone, without a neighbor beside us. my house was like, forest all over, and we're like...all girls minus my only younger brother (who's actually big enough to pretend to be an adult, but with a child-like thinking). in case if the thief do broken into our house, like, getting into our house, we are like...doomed! but it did not. thank god!

so now, my mom is busy with settling everything down. reporting it to the police, cancelling all her credit cards (in case the thief is stupid enough to actually use it) and now, making it all over again. which basically sucks! since most of the process requires the usage of ID. but still...nothing much drama other than that.

and as for me...i took some time re-thinking about myself. what i wanted to do, what i wanted to be...and what i would do someday. and i come to terms that maybe i wasn't trying hard enough for everything to go as smoothly as planned.

ignore that.....i'm just rambling emotions^^
13 April 2011 @ 10:46 am
Morning peeps! I just…wanted to share with all of you very good news, perhaps? Regarding my works of writing fictions solely dedicatd to the TVXQ fandom, which I’m quite sure most people have forgotten them for quite some time. Well…the good news are

1) I finished writing the whole signs including the epilogue for quite some time. And I assure you, please don’t kill me if none of it fitted your….predictions of possible endings.

2) Also, finished writing a new chapter for ‘You Belong With Me’ and ‘Thief and Detective’ also. Good, isn’t it?

3) Some new fics will be coming the way…oneshot only by the way. But better than nothing, right? Since I cant really dedicated myself to another commitment for chaptered fics, so I am only able to do some oneshot.

But with the coming of good news, there’s always a bad one, right? Thought I am happily announcing these news, I will only posted them after I finish my degree, presumably ends on the end of May. And before that, I might need to have them proof – read first, since I do know my own limitation of English grammar and understanding. So, good news vs bad news…who’s with me?

p/s reading the latest gossip girls spoilers, I certainly hoped that Blair is not going to be engaged with Dan…oh, the nightmares!! (why, did I even read the spoilers?!! Ugh!)
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